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Looking for work? We are.

Do you like to go out?

If you’re like us, you love the nightlife. Good music, good looking people, good times. These are the things that you look forward to every weekend while you plod your way through another long work week.

Do you love photography?

If you’re like us, you also love photography. You’re never without your camera, take a ton of photos everywhere you go, and love to play with photo editing programs on your computer. We’re sure we aren’t the only people who’ve cropped a person out of an otherwise sweet shot!

Now, if you are nodding your head at all of this; why not do what we did and put these interests and talents to work making you some dough? There is a high demand for skilled nightclub, concert, and nightlife photographers in the entertainment industry. What I’m saying is, yes, you can earn hard cash by going to clubs and shows and snapping pictures of all the beautiful people. Yes, you can make money meeting celebs, rock stars, and DJ’s and taking their pictures.